Get to Know Indianapolis With FunCityFinder

Many outsiders think of Indiana as a vast state comprised only of farms, farmers and farm towns. While the Hoosier state does have a great deal of small towns and rural communities like Whiteland, Columbia City, and Huntington, you need look no further than state capital Indianapolis to prove that Indiana isn’t all about farming. And if you want to know Indy and its surrounding suburbs, the only place to go is FunCityFinder Indianapolis, your number one resource for everything about the Circle City.

Want to know which Indianapolis artists, Indianapolis art galleries, and Indianapolis performing arts shows are worth paying attention to? Visit FunCityFinder’s Indianapolis arts page. Looking to buy a home? We can direct you to Indianapolis homes for sale in any Indianapolis neighborhood or Indianapolis cultural district with FunCityFinder’s handy Indianapolis real estate section. Are you a music buff who can’t get enough of Indianapolis bands? Take a look at FunCityFinder’s Indianapolis music page, where you can catch show times, reviews, and information about Indianapolis music venues and articles on the Indianapolis musical organizations that provide the pulse of Indianapolis society.

FunCityFinder Indianapolis is divided into the following helpful categories, each designed for you, our valuable reader, to get as much out of “Naptown” as possible:

  Indianapolis Arts – This section describes in detail the thriving Indianapolis art scene. Indianapolis is home to hundreds of artists, galleries, theaters, and more to get your right brain moving.
  Indianapolis Attractions – Whether you’re taking a vacation to Indianapolis or you’re a long-term resident, the Indianapolis attractions category showcases all the sights and sounds that make Indianapolis the great city it is.
  Indianapolis Bars – For the 21+ crowd, the Indianapolis bars section details the hundreds of bars in the Circle City, from the grungiest dive bars to the martini-riddled lights of downtown Indianapolis.
  Indianapolis Business – While Indianapolis is a great place for fun, it’s also a great place to start a prosperous company. This section will help you find the businesses that enrich Indianapolis and its residents.
  Indianapolis Children – Young ones squabbling, bored, and restless? Visit FunCityFinder Indianapolis’ kids section to find all the family-friendly fun that’s available in Indianapolis.
  Indianapolis Day Trips – Alright, so you live in Broad Ripple Village, you’ve been to the Indianapolis Museum of Art a hundred times, and you don’t like loud music. Head over to our Day Trips category to find one tank trips out of the city, so you can experience something new.
  Downtown Indianapolis – Centered around Monument Circle, downtown Indianapolis is a vibrant and eclectic place to be; FunCityFinder Indianapolis is there to make sure you experience it all.
  Indianapolis Education – Indianapolis is an educational powerhouse at all levels, from the distinguished University of Indianapolis to the many dedicated Indianapolis high schools.
  Indianapolis Events – FunCityFinder Indianapolis’ events page takes you through the jam-packed Indianapolis events calendar, including the dozens of Indianapolis fairs and festivals, music extravaganzas, and colorful parades.
  Indianapolis Health – The best hospitals, the best doctors, the best fitness centers: all of this and more can be found at the FunCityFinder Indianapolis health page.
  Indianapolis Hotels – Are you flying in to the Indianapolis International Airport and need a place to stay? Pop on over to our Indianapolis hotels page to find everything from budget motels to luxury suites.
  Indianapolis Media – What’s a metropolis without a variety of media? Indianapolis is no different. FunCityFinder Indianapolis has listings of all the major Indianapolis radio stations, Indianapolis television stations, and Indianapolis magazines.
  Indianapolis Music – Whether you like 80’s cover bands, thrash metal, or orchestral indie pop, the Indianapolis music scene has you covered. FunCityFinder’s Indianapolis music section will help you find out who’s hot, who’s playing, and who’s topping the charts.
  Indianapolis News – Written by the knowledgeable FunCityFinder staff, our daily news reports deal with pertinent issues and events going on in the Indianapolis area, including Indianapolis entertainment news, Indianapolis education news, and Indianapolis sports news.
  Indianapolis Nightlife – Looking for a night out on the town? Our Indianapolis nightlife page can direct you to all the top spots in Indianapolis for clubbing, dancing, and having a good time.
  Indianapolis Parks – Even in the bustling virility of downtown Indianapolis, there are several peaceful spots to rest your body and take in the sights and sounds of the natural world. Our Indianapolis parks section will help you find that perfect park for you.
  Indianapolis Real Estate – Now is the time to buy a home in Indianapolis. FunCityFinder Indianapolis can help you find the best in Indianapolis real estate from the comfort of your own home.
  Indianapolis Restaurants – Whether you’re on a budget or looking to impress that special someone (sometimes both!), you can find the restaurant you’ve been looking for on FunCityFinder’s Indianapolis restaurants page.
  Indianapolis Shopping – Being the fashion and commercial hub that it is, Indianapolis has some excellent shopping destinations that are designed to fill every consumer’s needs. Use FunCityFinder’s Indianapolis shopping page to find the best Indianapolis malls, boutiques, and locally-owned shops.
  Indianapolis Society – Slip into that dress or button up that tux and get ready to experience the finer things. Our Indianapolis society and culture page will take you to the best organizations, theatres, and galas around.
  Indianapolis Sports – Long before the Indianapolis Colts took home the Lombardi Trophy, Indianapolis has been a major sports town. Get your Indiana Pacers, Indianapolis Indians, Indiana Fever, and Indianapolis 500 fixes here.
  Indianapolis Things to Do – At a loss for what to do with your weekend? Make your way toward our Indianapolis things to do page to make your weekend one to remember!