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List of Indianapolis Indiana Subdivisions


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B D Brooks, Indianapolis
B Mussmans Raymond St Sub, Indianapolis
Backbay Hpr, Indianapolis
Bade Woods, Indianapolis
Bailey Highlands, Indianapolis
Bailey Surburban Home, Indianapolis
Baileys Hamilton Highland, Indianapolis
Baileys Westwood Park, Indianapolis
Bakemeyer, Indianapolis
Ballingers, Indianapolis
Ballinshire, Indianapolis
Bancroft, Indianapolis
Bancrofts Boulevard Heights, Indianapolis
Bankers Pleasant Run, Indianapolis
Banta Ranch Sites Add, Indianapolis
Banta Trails, Indianapolis
Bantas Southwood, Indianapolis
Barnes & Mcnulty, Indianapolis
Barretts North Meridian, Indianapolis
Barrington, Indianapolis
Barrington Gardens, Indianapolis
Barrows Place Cress, Indianapolis
Barth, Indianapolis
Bartholomews, Indianapolis
Bartons, Indianapolis
Bashs Southeastern, Indianapolis
Bates, Indianapolis
Bates & Fletchers, Indianapolis
Bay Colony, Indianapolis
Bay Landing, Indianapolis
Bay Point, Indianapolis
Bay Ridge, Indianapolis
Bayberry Village, Indianapolis
Bayridge, Indianapolis
Bayshore Villas Hpr, Indianapolis
Bayside Woods, Indianapolis
Bayswater At Eagle Creek, Indianapolis
Beacon Heights, Indianapolis
Beamreach, Indianapolis
Beatys, Indianapolis
Beau Jardin, Indianapolis
Beau Terra, Indianapolis
Beaumont Farms, Indianapolis
Beaumont On The Green, Indianapolis
Becker Estates At Wildwood, Indianapolis
Becks Sub Rhodes North Ill St, Indianapolis
Beechcrest, Indianapolis
Beechcroft, Indianapolis
Beechler Estates, Indianapolis
Beechwood, Indianapolis
Beechwood Acres, Indianapolis
Bel Moore, Indianapolis
Bellaire, Indianapolis
Belle Meade Estates, Indianapolis
Belle Meede Add, Indianapolis
Bellmore, Indianapolis
Bells Run, Indianapolis
Benjamin Square, Indianapolis
Bentley Commons, Indianapolis
Bentley Estates, Indianapolis
Bentley Farms, Indianapolis
Bentwood Park, Indianapolis
Berkeley, Indianapolis
Berkley Place, Indianapolis
Berkshire, Indianapolis
Berkshire Heights, Indianapolis
Berkshire Lakes, Indianapolis
Berkshire Woods, Indianapolis
Beth, Indianapolis
Bethel Homes, Indianapolis
Beverly 2nd Sec, Indianapolis
Beverly Heights, Indianapolis
Bicknells Perry Park, Indianapolis
Big Run, Indianapolis
Bigneys, Indianapolis
Biltmore Gardens, Indianapolis
Bishops Pond, Indianapolis
Bixler, Indianapolis
Bixlers Edgewood Homesite, Indianapolis
Bixlers South Edgewood Park, Indianapolis
Blacks Sub Hasselman, Indianapolis
Blankenship, Indianapolis
Bloomfield Lakes, Indianapolis
Blount & Gates, Indianapolis
Blue Ridge, Indianapolis
Blues, Indianapolis
Blues Overlook, Indianapolis
Bluff Manor, Indianapolis
Bluff View Meadow, Indianapolis
Bluffton Heights, Indianapolis
Bluffview Meadows, Indianapolis
Boardwalk On Lake Kesslerwood, Indianapolis
Boehning, Indianapolis
Bohnes Garfield Park, Indianapolis
Bolander Woods, Indianapolis
Bolton Ave Heights, Indianapolis
Bonbar At Monon Lake, Indianapolis
Bonham Place, Indianapolis
Bossons Senate Ave, Indianapolis
Boston Commons, Indianapolis
Boswell & Flemings, Indianapolis
Boswell & Flemings Grandview Add, Indianapolis
Boulders, Indianapolis
Boulders At Geist, Indianapolis
Boulevard, Indianapolis
Boulevard Manor, Indianapolis
Boulevard Park, Indianapolis
Boulevard Place, Indianapolis
Boulevard Square, Indianapolis
Bowsers Terrace Ave Add, Indianapolis
Boyds N Meridian St, Indianapolis
Bradbury Sub, Indianapolis
Braden Et Al North Indpls Add, Indianapolis
Bradens, Indianapolis
Bradford Creek, Indianapolis
Bradford Meadows, Indianapolis
Bradford Place, Indianapolis
Bradford Pointe, Indianapolis
Bradford Trace, Indianapolis
Bradford Woods, Indianapolis
Bradley Denny & Atkinson, Indianapolis
Bradley Etal E Wash St, Indianapolis
Bradleys Prospect, Indianapolis
Bradshaw & Butlers, Indianapolis
Braemoor, Indianapolis
Branch Creek At Pike, Indianapolis
Brandts, Indianapolis
Brandywine, Indianapolis
Branigins Revised, Indianapolis
Braughton Estates, Indianapolis
Breckenridge, Indianapolis
Bremers, Indianapolis
Brendon Park, Indianapolis
Brendonridge, Indianapolis
Brendonshire, Indianapolis
Brendonshire Court, Indianapolis
Brendonwood, Indianapolis
Brentwood, Indianapolis
Brentwood Hills, Indianapolis
Bretton Wood, Indianapolis
Briarbrook Farms, Indianapolis
Briarbrook Village, Indianapolis
Briargate, Indianapolis
Briarpatch Woods, Indianapolis
Briarstone, Indianapolis
Briarstone Villas, Indianapolis
Bridgefield, Indianapolis
Bridgefield Villas, Indianapolis
Bridgeport, Indianapolis
Bridgeport Commons, Indianapolis
Bridgeport Heights, Indianapolis
Bridges & Graves, Indianapolis
Bridges Rhodius Park, Indianapolis
Bridges Westfield Blvd, Indianapolis
Bridgewater, Indianapolis
Brightwood, Indianapolis
Brittnay Estates, Indianapolis
Broad Ripple Place Condominium, Indianapolis
Broadmoor Terrace, Indianapolis
Broadway Lofts, Indianapolis
Broadway Terrace, Indianapolis
Brockton, Indianapolis
Brodleigh, Indianapolis
Brokenburr Trails, Indianapolis
Bronx/berricks, Indianapolis
Brook Knoll, Indianapolis
Brook Wood Crossing, Indianapolis
Brookdale Hts, Indianapolis
Brookfield, Indianapolis
Brookfield Estates, Indianapolis
Brookfield Place, Indianapolis
Brookhaven, Indianapolis
Brooks Bldg Hpr, Indianapolis
Brookside, Indianapolis
Brookside Park, Indianapolis
Brookside Sunny Grove Add, Indianapolis
Brookston, Indianapolis
Brookstone At Twin Creeks, Indianapolis
Brookville Village, Indianapolis
Brown Brookside, Indianapolis
Browns, Indianapolis
Browns Bedford Ave, Indianapolis
Browns Broadway, Indianapolis
Browns Heirs Sub, Indianapolis
Browns Sub Butlers, Indianapolis
Browns Sub Ovid Butlers 1st Add, Indianapolis
Brownstones At Lockerbie, Indianapolis
Bruce Baker, Indianapolis
Bruce Place, Indianapolis
Bruce Place Add, Indianapolis
Bruce Place East, Indianapolis
Bruces Home Gardens, Indianapolis
Bruces, James A & Margaret, Indianapolis
Brunson Acres, Indianapolis
Bryan, Indianapolis
Buck Creek, Indianapolis
Buck Creek Meadows, Indianapolis
Buck Creek Village, Indianapolis
Buck Creek Woods, Indianapolis
Buena Ann, Indianapolis
Buffalo Ridge, Indianapolis
Buffalo Trails, Indianapolis
Building Trades, Indianapolis
Building Trades Addition, Indianapolis
Buisdale, Indianapolis
Bullman Heights, Indianapolis
Bungalow Park, Indianapolis
Bunker Hill, Indianapolis
Burge Terrace, Indianapolis
Burris Homedale, Indianapolis
Burton Crossing, Indianapolis
Butler Grove, Indianapolis
Butler Tarkington, Indianapolis
Butlers Add To College Corner, Indianapolis
Butlers College Corner, Indianapolis
Butlers Crows Nest, Indianapolis
Butlers Ext Of North, Indianapolis
Byers Sub Of Allen & Root, Indianapolis

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