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List of Indianapolis Indiana Subdivisions


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C A Greenleafs Sub, Indianapolis
C A Owens, Indianapolis
C A Owens Park Grove, Indianapolis
C E & W H Johnsons East 10th St Add, Indianapolis
C E Coffins Sub Fletchers Woodlawn, Indianapolis
C E Reynolds North Tuxedo Add, Indianapolis
C E Shovers, Indianapolis
C F Reisners W Indpls Sub, Indianapolis
C G Weiss Mapleton, Indianapolis
C J Schuhs, Indianapolis
C L Leonard Barth Heirs Add, Indianapolis
C M Coopers Pleasant Park, Indianapolis
C M Coopers Trs Prospect St Add, Indianapolis
C N Thompsons Oakland Ave, Indianapolis
Cameron Meadows, Indianapolis
Campbells, Indianapolis
Campus Terrace, Indianapolis
Canada Buttons, Indianapolis
Candlelight Village, Indianapolis
Candlelite Village, Indianapolis
Canterbury, Indianapolis
Canterbury Condominium, Indianapolis
Cape Cod Village, Indianapolis
Cardinal Cove, Indianapolis
Cardinal Village, Indianapolis
Carey Ranch Homesites, Indianapolis
Carl F Walk's, Indianapolis
Carlton Place, Indianapolis
Carriage Courts, Indianapolis
Carriage Estates, Indianapolis
Carrington Commons, Indianapolis
Carroll Crossing, Indianapolis
Carroll Farms, Indianapolis
Carson At The Crossing, Indianapolis
Carson's Add, Indianapolis
Carson's Farm, Indianapolis
Carters Orchard Grove, Indianapolis
Casa De Prado, Indianapolis
Caseys Manor, Indianapolis
Cassell Forest, Indianapolis
Castillia, Indianapolis
Castle Cove, Indianapolis
Castle Knoll Farms, Indianapolis
Castle Ridge, Indianapolis
Castlebridge, Indianapolis
Castleton Estates, Indianapolis
Castleton Farms, Indianapolis
Castleton Farms Hpr, Indianapolis
Castlewood, Indianapolis
Catalina Estates, Indianapolis
Catherine Copeland, Indianapolis
Caven & Rockwood, Indianapolis
Caylor's Sub, Indianapolis
Caylors E Wash St, Indianapolis
Caylors E Wash St Add, Indianapolis
Cc Thorntons Sub Clems Add, Indianapolis
Cedar Cove, Indianapolis
Cedar Crest, Indianapolis
Cedar Knolls, Indianapolis
Cedar Park, Indianapolis
Cedar Ridge Of Traders Point, Indianapolis
Cedar Springs, Indianapolis
Center, Indianapolis
Central Park, Indianapolis
Central Trust Co Trs, Indianapolis
Champions Village, Indianapolis
Chapel Bend, Indianapolis
Chapel Glen, Indianapolis
Chapel Hill, Indianapolis
Chapel Pines, Indianapolis
Chapel Ridge, Indianapolis
Chapelwood Creek, Indianapolis
Chapelwood Glenn, Indianapolis
Chapman Price Beechland Add, Indianapolis
Char-le-mac Village, Indianapolis
Char-le-sumac Estates, Indianapolis
Charles E Heinrich, Indianapolis
Charles M Cross Sub, Indianapolis
Charlotte Place, Indianapolis
Charmwood Terrace, Indianapolis
Charter Point, Indianapolis
Chas D Jennys Pleasant Run Blvd, Indianapolis
Chas F Robbins Haughville, Indianapolis
Chas F Robbins N Indpls, Indianapolis
Chatham Courts, Indianapolis
Chatham Pointe, Indianapolis
Chatham Walk, Indianapolis
Cherry Lake, Indianapolis
Cherry Tree, Indianapolis
Chesapeake, Indianapolis
Chessington Grove, Indianapolis
Chester Place, Indianapolis
Chester R Cunninghams Resub, Indianapolis
Chesterfield, Indianapolis
Chesterton, Indianapolis
Chestnut Hill, Indianapolis
Cheswick Place, Indianapolis
Cheyenne Lakes At Southern Dunes, Indianapolis
Cheyne Walk, Indianapolis
Child Bros & Teachouts English Ave Add, Indianapolis
Chimney Heights, Indianapolis
Chris Baker's Haughville, Indianapolis
Christian Park, Indianapolis
Christian Park Heights Add, Indianapolis
Churchman Cottage, Indianapolis
Churchman Estates, Indianapolis
Churchman Manor, Indianapolis
Cincinnati & Chicago Railroad Crossing, Indianapolis
Circle Block, Indianapolis
Citizens National Bank Sub Johns, Indianapolis
City View On Herman Unit, Indianapolis
Clarissa Watters Addition, Indianapolis
Clark's Addition To Haughville, Indianapolis
Clarkes Brookside, Indianapolis
Clarks, Indianapolis
Clarks N Capitol Ave, Indianapolis
Classic View Estates, Indianapolis
Claypool-ross, Indianapolis
Claypools, Indianapolis
Claypools Northeastern Park, Indianapolis
Clearvista, Indianapolis
Clearwater Cove, Indianapolis
Clearwater Estates, Indianapolis
Clemons Place, Indianapolis
Clermont Improvement, Indianapolis
Clermont Lakes, Indianapolis
Cleveland Etal Central, Indianapolis
Cleveland Place, Indianapolis
Clevelander, Indianapolis
Clifford & Chatham Place, Indianapolis
Clifford Place, Indianapolis
Clifton On The River, Indianapolis
Clifton Place, Indianapolis
Cliftons Sub, Indianapolis
Clines, Indianapolis
Cloverleaf Farms, Indianapolis
Cloverleaf Village, Indianapolis
Clyde E Pike's Delaware, Indianapolis
Cobblestone, Indianapolis
Cobblestone At Geist, Indianapolis
Coburns, Indianapolis
Coffins E Vermont St, Indianapolis
Coil Park, Indianapolis
Cold Spring Estates, Indianapolis
Coldsprings Heights, Indianapolis
Colemans Sub Cress Add, Indianapolis
Colgans Sub E T Fletchers, Indianapolis
College, Indianapolis
College Ave Hts, Indianapolis
College Corner, Indianapolis
College Court, Indianapolis
College Crest, Indianapolis
College Heights, Indianapolis
College Hills, Indianapolis
College Meadows, Indianapolis
College Park, Indianapolis
College Park Estates, Indianapolis
College Place, Indianapolis
College Way, Indianapolis
Colonial Manor, Indianapolis
Colonial Park Estate, Indianapolis
Colony At Heartland Crossing, Indianapolis
Colony Woods, Indianapolis
Columbia Place, Indianapolis
Columbia Terrace, Indianapolis
Combs, Indianapolis
Commercial Place, Indianapolis
Concord Heights, Indianapolis
Concordia, Indianapolis
Cooper & Hadleys Wilmet Park, Indianapolis
Cooper & Pickens, Indianapolis
Cooper Pointe, Indianapolis
Cooper Sub, Indianapolis
Coopers Chas M So Blvd Add, Indianapolis
Coopers Pleasant Park Add, Indianapolis
Copeland Mills, Indianapolis
Copper Grove, Indianapolis
Copper Ridge, Indianapolis
Copperfield, Indianapolis
Coppermill At The Park, Indianapolis
Copperwood, Indianapolis
Copperwood At Wellingshire, Indianapolis
Cornett, Indianapolis
Coronado, Indianapolis
Coronado Estates, Indianapolis
Cory, Indianapolis
Corydon, Indianapolis
Cottage Grove, Indianapolis
Cottage Home, Indianapolis
Cottage Park On The River, Indianapolis
Cottages Of Westmount, Indianapolis
Coulters East Highland, Indianapolis
Coulters East Highlands, Indianapolis
Country Air Estates, Indianapolis
Country Aire Estates, Indianapolis
Country Charm, Indianapolis
Country Club Estates, Indianapolis
Country Club Heights, Indianapolis
Country Club Pines, Indianapolis
Country Creek Villas, Indianapolis
Country Estates, Indianapolis
Country Junction, Indianapolis
Country Pointe, Indianapolis
Country Village, Indianapolis
Country Walk, Indianapolis
Countrybrook, Indianapolis
Countrybrook North, Indianapolis
Countryside, Indianapolis
County Line, Indianapolis
Courtyard Homes At Sycamore Springs, Indianapolis
Coventry Park, Indianapolis
Coventry Woods, Indianapolis
Cox, Indianapolis
Coyner Heirs Sub Milligan, Indianapolis
Craigwood, Indianapolis
Creek Ridge Place, Indianapolis
Creekbend, Indianapolis
Creekside Crossing, Indianapolis
Creekside Meadows, Indianapolis
Creekside Woods, Indianapolis
Creekwood, Indianapolis
Creekwood Hills, Indianapolis
Creekwood Homes, Indianapolis
Creighton & Goodwins Irvington Add, Indianapolis
Crestline, Indianapolis
Creston, Indianapolis
Crestwood, Indianapolis
Cricket Tree, Indianapolis
Crippins River Park, Indianapolis
Crooked Creek Condominium, Indianapolis
Crooked Creek Heights, Indianapolis
Crooked Creek Villages, Indianapolis
Cross Creek, Indianapolis
Cross Trails, Indianapolis
Cross Trails Clifford Ave Add, Indianapolis
Crossfield, Indianapolis
Crossgate, Indianapolis
Crossing South, Indianapolis
Crown Hill, Indianapolis
Crows Nest, Indianapolis
Crystal Lake, Indianapolis
Crystal Pointe, Indianapolis
Culver Riggs & Lynns, Indianapolis
Cumberland, Indianapolis
Cumberland Cove, Indianapolis
Cumberland Estates, Indianapolis
Cumberland Heights, Indianapolis
Cumberland Lakes, Indianapolis
Cumberland Village, Indianapolis
Curzon Park, Indianapolis

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