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List of Indianapolis Indiana Subdivisions


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D J Bartons, Indianapolis
D M Bradbury & Cos Southeast, Indianapolis
D S Beatys, Indianapolis
Daggy Etal Al Star, Indianapolis
Daggy Etal Star Addition, Indianapolis
Dan W Legores Resub, Indianapolis
Dandy Trail, Indianapolis
Daughertys, Indianapolis
Davenports, Indianapolis
David Hermans Resub, Indianapolis
David Mcclures Addition, Indianapolis
David R Smocks, Indianapolis
Davidsons 2nd, Indianapolis
Davidsons 3rd, Indianapolis
Davis & Heizers, Indianapolis
Davis Sugar Grove, Indianapolis
Dawnbury, Indianapolis
Dean Meadows, Indianapolis
Debury Creft, Indianapolis
Decatur Commons, Indianapolis
Decatur Ridge, Indianapolis
Deckers Corner, Indianapolis
Deer Creek, Indianapolis
Deer Ridge, Indianapolis
Deer Run, Indianapolis
Deerfield Village, Indianapolis
Delaware Heights, Indianapolis
Delaware Trails, Indianapolis
Delaware Trails Crossing, Indianapolis
Delaware Trails North, Indianapolis
Delaware Trails North & West, Indianapolis
Dement's West Washington, Indianapolis
Denwood, Indianapolis
Depot, Indianapolis
Desoto Townhomes, Indianapolis
Detweiler Condo, Indianapolis
Devington Acres, Indianapolis
Devon Court, Indianapolis
Devon Hills, Indianapolis
Devon Lea, Indianapolis
Devon Ridge, Indianapolis
Devon Woods, Indianapolis
Devonshire, Indianapolis
Diamond Ridge, Indianapolis
Diamond Ridge At The Pointe, Indianapolis
Dietz St Heights, Indianapolis
Dillehays Southern Acres, Indianapolis
Dillehays Tibbs, Indianapolis
Dipples S Meridian Highlands, Indianapolis
Dixie Hi-way, Indianapolis
Dodson's Grandview, Indianapolis
Doerre's Maple Grove, Indianapolis
Dora, Indianapolis
Dorman Sq Cottage Home Ad, Indianapolis
Doughertys Sub Harrison & Cos, Indianapolis
Douglass Park, Indianapolis
Downey & Ohmers Woodland, Indianapolis
Downeys, Indianapolis
Downeys Southeast, Indianapolis
Drake & Buells, Indianapolis
Drakes, Indianapolis
Drakeshire, Indianapolis
Drexel Gardens, Indianapolis
Driftwood Hills, Indianapolis
Duenweg's, Indianapolis
Dunlop & Tutewilers, Indianapolis
Durham Park, Indianapolis
Duvall & Dupree, Indianapolis
Dynes & Cassidays, Indianapolis
Dynes & Cassidys Resub, Indianapolis

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