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List of Indianapolis Indiana Subdivisions


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H A Browns Sub A E Fletchers, Indianapolis
H Geisel Srs E 10th St, Indianapolis
H Lauter Lofts, Indianapolis
H R Allens, Indianapolis
H S Hansens, Indianapolis
H Tutewiler Sub, Indianapolis
Haas E 10th St, Indianapolis
Hadleys, Indianapolis
Hadleys Grandview, Indianapolis
Hafners Sub Fletcher, Indianapolis
Hamants, Indianapolis
Hamants Holt Rd, Indianapolis
Hamilton Heights, Indianapolis
Hamlin Sub Johnson Heirs, Indianapolis
Hammond & Briants, Indianapolis
Hammond Estates, Indianapolis
Hammonds, Indianapolis
Hamps, Indianapolis
Hampton Cove, Indianapolis
Hampton Ridge, Indianapolis
Hamptons At Geist, Indianapolis
Hann & Dawsons, Indianapolis
Hanna Heirs, Indianapolis
Hannamans, Indianapolis
Hannas, Indianapolis
Hanover, Indianapolis
Hanover North, Indianapolis
Hansen & Donges Subdivision, Indianapolis
Hansing Park, Indianapolis
Happy Homes, Indianapolis
Harbour Club, Indianapolis
Harbour Pines, Indianapolis
Harcourt Springs, Indianapolis
Harlan & Kesslers, Indianapolis
Harmon Heights, Indianapolis
Harmony, Indianapolis
Harness Lakes, Indianapolis
Harpers North East Home, Indianapolis
Harrison Heights, Indianapolis
Harrison Park, Indianapolis
Harrison Ridge, Indianapolis
Harry W White, Indianapolis
Hartman Farms, Indianapolis
Hartman Village, Indianapolis
Hartmandale, Indianapolis
Hartmans Add Robison & Voorhees, Indianapolis
Hartmans College Ave, Indianapolis
Harvest Glen, Indianapolis
Hasselman Place, Indianapolis
Hastons Central Ave Hts, Indianapolis
Hathaway Homes, Indianapolis
Hatherleigh, Indianapolis
Haugheys Mapleton, Indianapolis
Haughville, Indianapolis
Havenfair, Indianapolis
Haverstick Park, Indianapolis
Hawthorne At The Crossing, Indianapolis
Hawthorne Manor, Indianapolis
Hawthorne Meadows, Indianapolis
Hawthornes At The Crossing, Indianapolis
Haywoods Boulevard, Indianapolis
Hearthstone, Indianapolis
Heather Hills, Indianapolis
Heatherlea, Indianapolis
Heatherwood Estates, Indianapolis
Heathery At Country Club, Indianapolis
Heathwood, Indianapolis
Hedricks, Indianapolis
Heids Sub Robison & Vorhees, Indianapolis
Hendricks, Indianapolis
Henry Coburns Sub, Indianapolis
Henry D. Hesse's, Indianapolis
Henry F Brinks, Indianapolis
Henry Geisel Sr E 10th St Add, Indianapolis
Henry Marks, Indianapolis
Henry Nelson's Tibbs Ave, Indianapolis
Henry Sellers, Indianapolis
Heritage Park, Indianapolis
Herman H Luedemanns Calhoun Street, Indianapolis
Herman Maple Heights, Indianapolis
Hermans Maple Crest, Indianapolis
Heron Lake, Indianapolis
Herron Morton, Indianapolis
Herveys Garfield Park, Indianapolis
Heywood Park, Indianapolis
Hi-acre Manor, Indianapolis
Hiawatha Gardens, Indianapolis
Hibbens Pleasant Run, Indianapolis
Hickory Park, Indianapolis
Hickory Road, Indianapolis
Hickory Square, Indianapolis
Hicks Wildwood Suburban, Indianapolis
Hidden Bay, Indianapolis
Hidden Creek, Indianapolis
Hidden Creek At Geist, Indianapolis
Hidden Lake, Indianapolis
Hidden Oak, Indianapolis
High Gate, Indianapolis
High Knoll Estates, Indianapolis
Highgate, Indianapolis
Highland, Indianapolis
Highland Creek, Indianapolis
Highland Kessler Homes, Indianapolis
Highland Park, Indianapolis
Highlands, Indianapolis
Highlands At Eagle Creek, Indianapolis
Highlands At Eagle Crossing, Indianapolis
Highlands At Geist, Indianapolis
Highlands Trail, Indianapolis
Highridge Place, Indianapolis
Highway Park, Indianapolis
Highwoods, Indianapolis
Hildebrands, Indianapolis
Hilds, Indianapolis
Hilgemeier & Muegges Sub, Indianapolis
Hill Valley Estates, Indianapolis
Hillcrest, Indianapolis
Hillside Villas, Indianapolis
Hillton, Indianapolis
Hilltop Estates, Indianapolis
Hinesleys Fairview Park, Indianapolis
Hinsley, Indianapolis
Hiram Sexsons, Indianapolis
Historic Central Avenue, Indianapolis
Historic Standish, Indianapolis
Hobbs Arboretum, Indianapolis
Hoberg Sub Of Easterbrook, Indianapolis
Hoefgens, Indianapolis
Hoffmans E Mich St, Indianapolis
Hogate & Kings Rural St, Indianapolis
Hogshire Etal Pleasant Run, Indianapolis
Hogshire Sims & Smithers, Indianapolis
Hohlts, Indianapolis
Hohlts Home Place, Indianapolis
Holaday Hills & Dales, Indianapolis
Holiday, Indianapolis
Holiday Add, Indianapolis
Holiday Manor, Indianapolis
Hollands Sub Robison & Voorhees, Indianapolis
Hollidays Garfield Park, Indianapolis
Holloway & Jenisons, Indianapolis
Holloways Sub E T Fletchers, Indianapolis
Holly Creek, Indianapolis
Holly Heights, Indianapolis
Holly Hills, Indianapolis
Holly Meadows, Indianapolis
Hollywood, Indianapolis
Holmans, Indianapolis
Holtman & Ropps Sub Hanna, Indianapolis
Holtman & Topps, Indianapolis
Holy Cross, Indianapolis
Holy Cross Commons Hpr, Indianapolis
Home Lawn, Indianapolis
Home Place, Indianapolis
Homecroft, Indianapolis
Homedell, Indianapolis
Homeplace, Indianapolis
Homestead, Indianapolis
Homestead Lakes, Indianapolis
Homestead River Side Park, Indianapolis
Homewood, Indianapolis
Homewood Park, Indianapolis
Homewood Park West, Indianapolis
Honey Manor, Indianapolis
Hoods, Indianapolis
Hoosier Funding Corp, Indianapolis
Hoover Crest, Indianapolis
Horace H Page, Indianapolis
Horace Mann, Indianapolis
Horace Scott Sub Hubbard, Indianapolis
Horths Troy Ave Heights, Indianapolis
Hosbrook Sub Dunlop, Indianapolis
Hosbrooks Sub Dunlop, Indianapolis
Hoss South Meridian Highlands, Indianapolis
Howard Harding Heirs Add, Indianapolis
Howland & Webbs, Indianapolis
Hubbard, Indianapolis
Hubbard & Thornton, Indianapolis
Hubbard Etal Southeast Add, Indianapolis
Hubbard Martindale, Indianapolis
Hubbard Martindale & Mccartys, Indianapolis
Hubbards South Meridian, Indianapolis
Huddleston Estates, Indianapolis
Hudson, Indianapolis
Hudson Bay, Indianapolis
Hunters Crossing, Indianapolis
Hunters Emerson, Indianapolis
Hunters Glen, Indianapolis
Hunters Green, Indianapolis
Hunters Run, Indianapolis
Hunters Woods, Indianapolis
Huntington Estates, Indianapolis
Huntington Heights, Indianapolis
Huntington Park, Indianapolis
Huntington Pointe, Indianapolis
Huntington Ridge, Indianapolis
Hunts, Indianapolis
Huntwick, Indianapolis
Hy-view Meadows, Indianapolis
Hyde Park, Indianapolis

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