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List of Indianapolis Indiana Subdivisions


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J A & M Bruces Add, Indianapolis
J A Moores Add, Indianapolis
J C Leerkamp's West, Indianapolis
J E Downeys Arsenal Heights, Indianapolis
J Franks South Meridian Addition, Indianapolis
J Franks Woodlawn Sub Dunlops Add, Indianapolis
J H Claypools 1st Add, Indianapolis
J J Coopers 2nd S Meridian St Add, Indianapolis
J J Coopers Sub Fletcher 1st Brookside, Indianapolis
J L Millers Sub Vajens Springdale, Indianapolis
J M Ridenours 2nd Add, Indianapolis
J T Dyes Sub Dunlops Add, Indianapolis
J W Becks Sub Rhodes, Indianapolis
J W Browns South East, Indianapolis
J W Murphy, Indianapolis
J W Robbins N Meridian St, Indianapolis
J W Trotters Brookside Park Add, Indianapolis
J W Trotters Trs Brookside Park, Indianapolis
Jackson, Indianapolis
Jacob Lutz, Indianapolis
Jacobs Subdivision, Indianapolis
James A & Joann Thompsons, Indianapolis
James Franks S Meridian Street Add, Indianapolis
James Johnsons E Ohio St, Indianapolis
James Murdocks, Indianapolis
Jameson's Belmont, Indianapolis
Jellico Twins, Indianapolis
Jenneys Irvington Gardens, Indianapolis
Jennings East, Indianapolis
Jensen Garden Hts, Indianapolis
Jensens Kessler Blvd, Indianapolis
Joe Maloof, Indianapolis
John Bush's, Indianapolis
John Gimbers, Indianapolis
John H Vajens, Indianapolis
John Moore's Haughville, Indianapolis
John S Spann, Indianapolis
John Trost, Indianapolis
John W Chambers, Indianapolis
Johnson & Browns Add, Indianapolis
Johnson & Hogshire, Indianapolis
Johnson Bros Washington Blvd, Indianapolis
Johnson Irvington Heights, Indianapolis
Johnsons Central Avenue, Indianapolis
Johnsons East 10th St, Indianapolis
Johnsons Heirs, Indianapolis
Johnsons Meadows, Indianapolis
Johnston Manor, Indianapolis
Jones, Indianapolis
Jordans, Indianapolis
Jose Balz 32nd St, Indianapolis
Jose Balz Central, Indianapolis
Jose Balz Delaware, Indianapolis
Jose Balz Fairgrounds, Indianapolis
Jose Balz Fall Creek, Indianapolis
Jose Balz Northwest Add, Indianapolis
Jose Building Cos, Indianapolis
Jose-balz Fall Creek Blvd, Indianapolis
Joseph A Moores South Add, Indianapolis
Joseph A Moores Sub Barth Heirs Add, Indianapolis
Joses 2nd Pleasant Valley, Indianapolis
Julian Bradbury & Julian Spring Garden, Indianapolis
Julian Etal Spring Garden, Indianapolis
Julian Johnson Rawles & Goodes, Indianapolis
Julietta, Indianapolis
Justus, Indianapolis
Justus 16th, Indianapolis
Justus 16th St Add, Indianapolis
Justus Country Club, Indianapolis
Justus Downey, Indianapolis
Justus Eastgate, Indianapolis

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