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List of Indianapolis Indiana Subdivisions


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Kappes & Franks South, Indianapolis
Kappes & Naltners Belmont, Indianapolis
Kappes Sub Morris, Indianapolis
Karrman Heights, Indianapolis
Karrmann Heights, Indianapolis
Kathys Heights, Indianapolis
Kaufmans Woodside, Indianapolis
Kazmierzak Minor, Indianapolis
Kealing Place, Indianapolis
Keeneland Crest, Indianapolis
Kellys, Indianapolis
Kellys Hollywood, Indianapolis
Kempers Easterbrooke, Indianapolis
Kenmore Heights, Indianapolis
Kensington Commons, Indianapolis
Kensington Farms, Indianapolis
Kenwood, Indianapolis
Kenwood Add, Indianapolis
Kenwood Forest, Indianapolis
Kenwood Park, Indianapolis
Kessler Commons, Indianapolis
Kessler Court, Indianapolis
Kessler Estates, Indianapolis
Kessler Gardens, Indianapolis
Kessler Park, Indianapolis
Kessler Place, Indianapolis
Kessler Ridge, Indianapolis
Kessler Tibbs, Indianapolis
Kessler Walnut Hills, Indianapolis
Kesslerwood, Indianapolis
Ketcham Place, Indianapolis
Kevin Crest, Indianapolis
Keystone, Indianapolis
Keystone Heights, Indianapolis
Keystone Lakes, Indianapolis
Keystone Manor, Indianapolis
Keystone Park, Indianapolis
Killarney, Indianapolis
Killarney Heights, Indianapolis
Killarney Hill At Murphy's, Indianapolis
King Estates, Indianapolis
Kings, Indianapolis
Kings Cove, Indianapolis
Kings Sub Bryans Addition, Indianapolis
Kings Sub May Wasson & Cos, Indianapolis
Kinnear Hiatt, Indianapolis
Kinnear Park Heights, Indianapolis
Kinsley, Indianapolis
Kisners Brookside, Indianapolis
Kissel Hts, Indianapolis
Kneflers Cor Sub Davidson, Indianapolis
Knodels Subdivision, Indianapolis
Knoll, Indianapolis
Knoll Condominium, Indianapolis
Knollton Heights, Indianapolis
Knollwood, Indianapolis
Knollwood At The Creek, Indianapolis
Kollers, Indianapolis
Kuhn & Johnsons, Indianapolis
Kuhns Eastern, Indianapolis

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