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List of Indianapolis Indiana Subdivisions


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L & C Ritters, Indianapolis
L A Wrights, Indianapolis
L C Coburns Sub J F, Indianapolis
L C Hueys Park Ave, Indianapolis
L E Williams 1st Lagoon Pk, Indianapolis
L Schmidts Churchman Ave, Indianapolis
Ladywood, Indianapolis
Ladywood Bluff, Indianapolis
Lafayette Heights, Indianapolis
Lafayette Villas, Indianapolis
Lake Charlevoix, Indianapolis
Lake Clearwater, Indianapolis
Lake Forest, Indianapolis
Lake In The Woods, Indianapolis
Lake Kesslerwood, Indianapolis
Lake Maxinhall, Indianapolis
Lakeland Manor, Indianapolis
Lakeland Trails, Indianapolis
Lakes At Grassy Creek, Indianapolis
Lakes At The Crossing, Indianapolis
Lakes At Winding Ridge, Indianapolis
Lakeside, Indianapolis
Lakeside Manor, Indianapolis
Lakeside Manor West, Indianapolis
Lakeside Woods, Indianapolis
Lakewood Gardens, Indianapolis
Lakewood Terrace, Indianapolis
Lancastershire, Indianapolis
Landmark At Lockerbie, Indianapolis
Langes E Michigan St, Indianapolis
Langs E North St, Indianapolis
Lantern Forest, Indianapolis
Lantern Hills, Indianapolis
Lappin Way, Indianapolis
Larry Stovall, Indianapolis
Larson Highlands, Indianapolis
Lascala Villas, Indianapolis
Lattas 1st Meridian Street, Indianapolis
Lattas North Capitol Ave, Indianapolis
Lattas Resub, Indianapolis
Laura B Halls, Indianapolis
Laura Templetons, Indianapolis
Laurel Hall, Indianapolis
Lawrence Lakes, Indianapolis
Lawrence Manor, Indianapolis
Lawrence Park, Indianapolis
Lawrence Woods, Indianapolis
Lawton Loop, Indianapolis
Layman & Carey, Indianapolis
Layman & Careys Irvington Park Add, Indianapolis
Laymans, Indianapolis
Lazarus & Colemans Harvard, Indianapolis
Lazarus & Pierce, Indianapolis
Lazarus & Pierces Resub Meridian Place, Indianapolis
Le Gore Crest, Indianapolis
Lee & Higgins, Indianapolis
Legendary Hills, Indianapolis
Legends Creek, Indianapolis
Leland Heights, Indianapolis
Leland Place, Indianapolis
Lemckes Sub Beatys, Indianapolis
Lenore, Indianapolis
Lenox Place, Indianapolis
Leonard Barth, Indianapolis
Levi Ritters, Indianapolis
Lewis & Cos Arsenal Height, Indianapolis
Lewis Easterbrooke, Indianapolis
Lexington Farms, Indianapolis
Liberty, Indianapolis
Liberty Creek, Indianapolis
Liberty Creek North, Indianapolis
Liberty Oak, Indianapolis
Liberty Village, Indianapolis
Light's Bellevue, Indianapolis
Lighthouse Cove, Indianapolis
Lights Broad Ripple, Indianapolis
Lights Sugar Grove, Indianapolis
Lincolnwood, Indianapolis
Lindbergh Highlands, Indianapolis
Lindemans Pasadena, Indianapolis
Linden Square, Indianapolis
Lindenwood, Indianapolis
Linhurst, Indianapolis
Links At Eagle Creek, Indianapolis
Links At Winding Ridge, Indianapolis
Linwood, Indianapolis
Lions Gate, Indianapolis
Lions Head, Indianapolis
Lippencott, Indianapolis
Listers, Indianapolis
Littells, Indianapolis
Little Farms, Indianapolis
Little Oak Lake, Indianapolis
Lloyd Meadows, Indianapolis
Lockerbie Glove, Indianapolis
Lockerbie Terrace, Indianapolis
Lodges Sub Hubbard Etal Southest Add, Indianapolis
Long & Harlans Cottage Home Add, Indianapolis
Long & Harlans E Washington St, Indianapolis
Long & Harlans Pleasant Ave Add, Indianapolis
Longacre, Indianapolis
Longwood Glen, Indianapolis
Lookout Gardens, Indianapolis
Lookout Plaza, Indianapolis
Loseys College Ave, Indianapolis
Loshs, Indianapolis
Louisa Pfafflin's, Indianapolis
Louthain & Cos, Indianapolis
Lowell, Indianapolis
Lowell Manor, Indianapolis
Lowes E Mich St, Indianapolis
Lublianna, Indianapolis
Lucas Place, Indianapolis
Lukenbills, Indianapolis
Lutz Maple Heights, Indianapolis
Lyndale, Indianapolis
Lynhurst Gardens, Indianapolis

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