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List of Indiana Subdivisions


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M & B, Martinsville
M & Ps, Shelbyville
M J Harris 2nd, Alexandria
M Rr Add, Zionsville
Mac Gregors, Beech Grove
Machlan Terrace, Indianapolis
Maclaren Manor, Franklin
Madge Ann Williams, Indianapolis
Madison Avenue, Anderson
Madison Drive, Indianapolis
Madison Heights, Greenwood
Madison Hills, Greencastle
Madison Terrace, Indianapolis
Madison View, Anderson
Madlingers North St Add, Indianapolis
Magnetic Acres, Mooresville
Mahogany Estates, Pendleton
Main St N & O Davis, Morristown
Main Street Addition, Spencer
Majesty Manor, Greensburg
Makena Ridge, Greenwood
Mallard Crossing, Indianapolis
Mallard Green, Indianapolis
Mallard Lake, Indianapolis
Mallard Pond, Zionsville
Mallards Pointe, Noblesville
Malvern, Indianapolis
Mana Jo Heights, Anderson
Manchester Square, Zionsville
Manderley, Indianapolis
Manions Sub Wingate, Indianapolis
Manlove, Indianapolis
Manloves Sub Dunlops Add, Indianapolis
Mannandale, Indianapolis
Mannfreds Walk, Clayton
Manor At Somerset, Bargersville
Manor View, Muncie
Mansfield, Rockville
Mansfield Meadows, Muncie
Mansur Park, Indianapolis
Mansur Square, Indianapolis
Map Of Cuernavaca, Greenwood
Maple Acres, Carmel
Maple Avenue East, Noblesville
Maple Bluffs, Indianapolis
Maple Brook Gardens, Brownsburg
Maple Court, Indianapolis
Maple Creek, Indianapolis
Maple Creek, Martinsville
Maple Creek Commons, Indianapolis
Maple Creek Country Club, Indianapolis
Maple Crest, Indianapolis
Maple Crest, Whiteland
Maple Del, Fishers
Maple Downs, Indianapolis
Maple Glen, Indianapolis
Maple Grove, Brownsburg
Maple Grove, Greenfield
Maple Grove, Greenwood
Maple Grove, Zionsville
Maple Grove Estates, Indianapolis
Maple Heights, Indianapolis
Maple Heights, Middletown
Maple Hill, Indianapolis
Maple Hills, Middletown
Maple Knoll, Westfield
Maple Lawn, Indianapolis
Maple Ridge, Batesville
Maple Ridge, Carmel
Maple Ridge, Columbus
Maple Ridge, Indianapolis
Maple Ridge, Westfield
Maple Run, Sheridan
Maple Village, Westfield
Maple Villas, Westfield
Maplebrook Gardens, Brownsburg
Maples At Springmill, Westfield
Maples Of Carmel, Carmel
Mapleton, Shelbyville
Mapleton At Countryside, Westfield
Mapleton At Wynne Farms, Avon
Mapleton-fall Creek, Indianapolis
Mapleway, Indianapolis
Maplewood, Edinburgh
Maplewood, Lebanon
Maplewood, New Castle
Maplewood, Speedway
Maplewood At Huntzinger, Pendleton
Maplewood Court, Indianapolis
Mar Lee Manor, Lebanon
Mar Rae Acres, Plainfield
Marbar Homes, Indianapolis
Marcarla, Indianapolis
Mares Meadows, Plainfield
Marilyn Ridge, Noblesville
Marina Village, Fishers
Marindale & Co Sub, Indianapolis
Marion Cunningham, Muncie
Marion Highlands, Indianapolis
Marion Park, Indianapolis
Marion Sub Fountain Square, Indianapolis
Mark Ii, Greenwood
Mark One, Bargersville
Markers, Greensburg
Markers, Tipton
Markleville South, Markleville
Markleville West, Markleville
Marks Crossing Sub, Batesville
Marlee Manor, Lebanon
Marleywood Estates, Mooresville
Marlin Hills, Bloomington
Marlin Meadows, Indianapolis
Marotts, Indianapolis
Marotts, Kokomo
Marquis Manor, Indianapolis
Mars Hill, Indianapolis
Martha J Daugherty, Redkey
Martha Johnson's, Indianapolis
Martha Vineyard, Seymour
Martin, Batesville
Martin Burtons, Indianapolis
Martin L. Powell's Add, New Castle
Martindale, Indianapolis
Martindale & Cos, Indianapolis
Martindale & Stilz, Indianapolis
Martindale Home Lawn, Clermont
Martindales Central, Indianapolis
Martindales Lincoln Park, Indianapolis
Martins, Mooresville
Martinsville , Martinsville
Marvin Shelton, Brownsburg
Mary J Dawson's, Indianapolis
Mary J Smitson's, Indianapolis
Mary K Ragans, Clayton
Mary Knoll Park, Indianapolis
Mary Sutton, Greenwood
Maryknoll Park, Indianapolis
Marysville, Muncie
Massachusetts Residential, Indianapolis
Masters Sub Harrison & Cos Add, Indianapolis
Masthead, Fishers
Masthead, Indianapolis
Matindales Lincoln Park, Indianapolis
Matlock, Danville
Matlock, Nashville
Matmore, Indianapolis
Matmore Add, Indianapolis
Matmore Addition, Indianapolis
Matzkes E Ohio St, Indianapolis
Mauxferry Ridge, Columbus
Mauzys Sub Johnson Heirs, Indianapolis
Max Sub J E Downey 2nd East Add, Indianapolis
Maxey's West Side, Tipton
Maxwell, Martinsville
Maxwell, Maxwell
May Wasson & Co Highland Park, Indianapolis
Mayer & Metzgers, Indianapolis
Mayers West Washington, Indianapolis
Mayfair, Indianapolis
Mayfair Village, Indianapolis
Mayfield, Muncie
Mayflower Meadows, Indianapolis
Mayflower Park, Indianapolis
Mayflower Village, Indianapolis
Maynard, Indianapolis
Mayo's Pennsylvania Street, Indianapolis
Mayview, Greenfield
Maywood Manor, Indianapolis
Maze Creek Estates, Indianapolis
Mc Cartys Subdivision, Alexandria
Mc Cartys Subdivision East, Indianapolis
Mc Cartys Subdivision West, Indianapolis
Mc Cartys West Side Addition, Indianapolis
Mc Clures Addition, Indianapolis
Mc Crary, Greenwood
Mc Mains Louis South Blvd Sub, Indianapolis
Mccarty Add, Greenwood
Mccarty Drew, Wabash
Mccarty's Lakehurst, Franklin
Mccartys, Indianapolis
Mccartys South Add, Indianapolis
Mcclain, Greenwood
Mcclain, Shelbyville
Mcclains Golden, Indianapolis
Mcclanahans, Beech Grove
Mcclellan, Greenfield
Mcclellands & Connards, Crawfordsville
Mcclintocks, Indianapolis
Mcclures, Wingate
Mccollums Twindale, Plainfield
Mcconnells Oaklandon, Indianapolis
Mccord & Wheatleys, Indianapolis
Mccord Rp, Frankton
Mccords Crossing, Indianapolis
Mccordsville, Mccordsville
Mccormack & Williams, Columbus
Mccormick, Muncie
Mccormicks, Indianapolis
Mcculloughs Run, Columbus
Mccullys Sub/odonnells Add, Greenfield
Mccunes, Rockville
Mcdonald-johnston, Indianapolis
Mcfarland, Acton
Mcfarland Farms, Indianapolis
Mcfarlands Orchard Acres, Indianapolis
Mcfarlands Sub Div, New Castle
Mcfarling Farm, Mooresville
Mcg Jackson, Muncie
Mcginnis Sub Hanna Heirs Add, Indianapolis
Mcgregor Highlands, Indianapolis
Mcgrew Heights, New Castle
Mcgrew Meadows, New Castle
Mcilvains Central Ave, Indianapolis
Mcilvains East Meridian, Indianapolis
Mckenzie Glen, Greenfield
Mckenzie Place, Greenfield
Mckinley Court, Columbus
Mckinseys Add, Kirklin
Mclaughlins Woodland, Southport
Mcleod Graham & Bitler, Indianapolis
Mcmains, Indianapolis
Mcmaths Mer Heights, Indianapolis
Mcrees University Heights, Indianapolis
Mcshirleys, Sulphur Springs
Mcveys Compton, Sheridan
Mcwhirters E 10th, Indianapolis
Mead Village, Columbus
Meadland Grandview, Indianapolis
Meadlawn, Indianapolis
Meadow At Springhurst, Greenfield
Meadow Bend, Indianapolis
Meadow Brook, Anderson
Meadow Brook, Bargersville
Meadow Brook, Columbus
Meadow Brook, Indianapolis
Meadow Brook Farms, Indianapolis
Meadow Brook Village, Fishers
Meadow Chase, Brownsburg
Meadow Creek, Whiteland
Meadow Glen, Greenwood
Meadow Hills, Greenwood
Meadow Lake, Greenwood
Meadow Lake, New Palestine
Meadow Lake Est, New Palestine
Meadow Lake Village, New Palestine
Meadow Manor, Anderson
Meadow Park, Indianapolis
Meadow View, Shelbyville
Meadow View, Walton
Meadow Wings, Lebanon
Meadow Woods, Anderson
Meadowbrook, Anderson
Meadowbrook, Columbus
Meadowbrook, Indianapolis
Meadowbrook, Lafayette
Meadowbrook Acres, Bargersville
Meadowbrook Manor, Anderson
Meadowbrooks, Indianapolis
Meadowchase, Brownsburg
Meadowglen, Greenwood
Meadowlands At Viking Meadow, Westfield
Meadowlark, Indianapolis
Meadowlark Lakes, Avon
Meadowlark Lakes, Indianapolis
Meadowlark Place, Seymour
Meadowood, Danville
Meadowood, Speedway
Meadows, Carmel
Meadows, Indianapolis
Meadows, Noblesville
Meadows At Bainbridge, Greenwood
Meadows At Deer Path, Noblesville
Meadows At Eagle Crossing, Indianapolis
Meadows At Otter Creek, Columbus
Meadows At Simon Farms, Franklin
Meadows At Springmill Village, Westfield
Meadows At Sugar Grove, Plainfield
Meadows At The Legacy, Carmel
Meadows Glen, Noblesville
Meadows Knoll, Noblesville
Meadows Of Shelbourne, Noblesville
Meadowview, Anderson
Meadowview, Indianapolis
Meadowview, Martinsville
Meadowview, Shelbyville
Meadowview Farms, Indianapolis
Meadowvue, Indianapolis
Mech Pt Spt Se, Shelbyville
Mechanics, Indianapolis
Medallion Meadows, Indianapolis
Meehs, Indianapolis
Meek & Hart, Greenfield
Melbourne Heights, Indianapolis
Melody Meadows, Anderson
Melvin, Indianapolis
Mendenhall Meadows, Greensburg
Mendenhall Meadows, Indianapolis
Mendenhalls, Greensburg
Mendenhalls, Indianapolis
Mendenhalls 38th Street, Indianapolis
Mendenhalls Pleasant Acres, Indianapolis
Merchants & Manufacturers, Knightstown
Meredith Meadows, Indianapolis
Merhanna Place, Indianapolis
Meridian Acres, Indianapolis
Meridian Arch, Indianapolis
Meridian At 21 Hpr, Indianapolis
Meridian At 21 Hpr, Shelbyville
Meridian Ave North Anderson, Anderson
Meridian Court, Pittsboro
Meridian East At Springhurst, Greenfield
Meridian Gardens, Indianapolis
Meridian Highlands, Indianapolis
Meridian Hills, Indianapolis
Meridian Homes, Indianapolis
Meridian Kessler, Indianapolis
Meridian Kessler Terrace, Indianapolis
Meridian Lofts, Indianapolis
Meridian Manor, Greenwood
Meridian Meadows, Greenwood
Meridian Meadows, Indianapolis
Meridian Park, Indianapolis
Meridian Place, Indianapolis
Meridian Suburban, Carmel
Meridian Village, Indianapolis
Meridian Woods, Indianapolis
Meridian Woods Manor, Indianapolis
Meridian Woods Park, Indianapolis
Meridian Woods Village, Indianapolis
Merimac, Westfield
Merion, Noblesville
Merrill, Rushville
Merrills, Indianapolis
Merrills Sub Johnson Heirs, Indianapolis
Merrimac, Westfield
Merritt Place, Indianapolis
Merry Hills, Pendleton
Mess, Muncie
Metes & Bounds, Camby
Metes & Bounds, Charlottesville
Metes & Bounds, Danville
Metes & Bounds, Fortville
Metes & Bounds, Franklin
Metes & Bounds, Greenfield
Metes & Bounds, Greensburg
Metes & Bounds, Greenwood
Metes & Bounds, Heltonville
Metes & Bounds, Indianapolis
Metes & Bounds, Lebanon
Metes & Bounds, Lizton
Metes & Bounds, Martinsville
Metes & Bounds, Milroy
Metes & Bounds, Morgantown
Metes & Bounds, Morristown
Metes & Bounds, Noblesville
Metes & Bounds, Pendleton
Metes & Bounds, Rushville
Metes & Bounds, Shelbyville
Metes & Bounds, Sheridan
Metes & Bounds, Springport
Metes & Bounds, St. Paul
Metes & Bounds, Westfield
Metes & Bounds, Whiteland
Metes & Bounds, Zionsville
Metz Forest, Indianapolis
Metzger Garfield Park, Indianapolis
Metzgers Irvington, Indianapolis
Metzgers Park Place, Indianapolis
Metzgers Shelby St, Indianapolis
Meyer, Batesville
Meyer, Indianapolis
Meyer Estates, Indianapolis
Meyers N Ill St, Indianapolis
Michigan Highlands, Indianapolis
Michigan Terrace, Indianapolis
Mid-town, Columbus
Middle Meadows, Pittsboro
Middleton Place, Fishers
Middletown, Middletown
Middletown Park, Muncie
Midway, Columbus
Midway, New Castle
Mil-dot Acres, Zionsville
Mileys, Indianapolis
Milfords, Summitville
Milhons, Mooresville
Mill Creek, Noblesville
Mill Creek Meadows, Stilesville
Mill Grove, Noblesville
Mill No 9, Indianapolis
Mill Pond, Indianapolis
Mill Ridge Estates, Greensburg
Mill Ridge Farms, Fishers
Mill Ridge Farms, Mccordsville
Mill Road Add, Shelbyville
Mill Run, Greenfield
Mill Springs, Coatesville
Millbrook, Carmel
Miller, Lebanon
Miller & Judd, Anderson
Miller & Mcrfarlands Add, Shelbyville
Miller & Seamons, Indianapolis
Miller & Wacker Parkway, Indianapolis
Miller Creek, Glenwood
Miller Pt, Lapel
Millerdale, Indianapolis
Millers, Greensburg
Millers, Shelbyville
Millers, Zionsville
Millers Home, Camby
Millers Sub Yandes, Indianapolis
Milligans Brook Park Add, Indianapolis
Milligans Park, Indianapolis
Millstone, Whiteland
Millwood, Columbus
Milroys, Milroy
Mineral Springs, Columbus
Mineral Springs, Elizabethtown
Minerva Heights, Indianapolis
Minkners Wilmoth Place, Indianapolis
Minnehaha, Indianapolis
Minters Sub Clifton, Indianapolis
Minters Sub Clifton On The River, Indianapolis
Minters Sub Seidensticker, Indianapolis
Mirada, Bargersville
Mission Estates, Anderson
Mississinewa Heights, Albany
Misty Lake, Indianapolis
Misty Ridge, Indianapolis
Misty Woods, Indianapolis
Mitchell & Moores Central, Indianapolis
Mitchells, Martinsville
Mock Add, Muncie
Moeller Estates At Wildwood Farms, Indianapolis
Moeschs 3rd Add, Indianapolis
Moffitt Farm, Carmel
Mohawk Crossing, Carmel
Mohr Estates, New Palestine
Moller Village, Indianapolis
Monarch Springs, Noblesville
Monfort's, Greensburg
Monforts Keystone, Indianapolis
Monon & Main, Carmel
Monon Farms, Carmel
Monon Row, Indianapolis
Monroes Sub Sangster Harrison, Indianapolis
Monteo Village, Indianapolis
Monteo Village, Shelbyville
Monterey Village, Noblesville
Montgomery, Zionsville
Montgomery Farms, Lapel
Montgomery Place, Crawfordsville
Monticello, Indianapolis
Montrose, Indianapolis
Moodys Ms, Greenfield
Moores, Anderson
Moores, Greencastle
Moores, Indianapolis
Moores, Mooresville
Moores Forest Park, Indianapolis
Moores South, Indianapolis
Moores Sub A E Fletchers, Indianapolis
Moores Sub Barth, Indianapolis
Moorings, Indianapolis
Moors Of Chippendale, Kokomo
Moravian Church, Hope
Morehead-higbee-baker, Anderson
Morgan, Danville
Morgan & Tilton, Franklin
Morgan Glen, Mooresville
Morgan Oaks, Martinsville
Morgan Shadows, Paragon
Morgan Trails, Martinsville
Morgan Woods, Westfield
Morgans Creek, Carmel
Morning Side Acres, Danville
Morning Side Acres, Mooresville
Morning Walk, Greenfield
Morningside, Indianapolis
Morningside, Lebanon
Morningside, Muncie
Morningstar Lake Estates, Morgantown
Morrell Heights, Plainfield
Morris, Indianapolis
Morris & Mills, Indianapolis
Morris Meadows, Bargersville
Morris Park, Indianapolis
Morris S Central Ave, Indianapolis
Morrisons, Indianapolis
Morrow Wood, Indianapolis
Morrow Wood, Lawrence
Morse Landing, Cicero
Morse Landing West, Cicero
Morse Overlook, Noblesville
Morse Park, Noblesville
Morse Pointe, Noblesville
Morton, Martinsville
Morton B Dawsons, Indianapolis
Morton Place, Indianapolis
Moses Martz, Arcadia
Moses Mcclains, Indianapolis
Moses Mcclains Golden, Indianapolis
Moss Creek, Indianapolis
Moss Farms, Columbus
Mosslers Washington Blvd, Indianapolis
Mouch & Ogborns, New Castle
Mount Auburn, Indianapolis
Mount Comfort Comm Park, Greenfield
Mount Hope, Anderson
Mplewd Harrison, Shelbyville
Mrs C C Bobbs Add, Indianapolis
Mt Auburn, Edinburgh
Mt Hope North Anderson, Anderson
Mt Zion Estate, Crawfordsville
Muesing Creek Estates, Indianapolis
Muir Woods, Fishers
Muir Woods, Indianapolis
Muir's Haughville, Indianapolis
Muirfield, Indianapolis
Muirfield Village, Avon
Mulberry Farms, Westfield
Mulberry Place, Zionsville
Municipal Add, Middletown
Murifield, Indianapolis
Murpheys Elizabeth Add, Indianapolis
Murphy & Tinkers, Indianapolis
Murphy Meadows, Brownsburg
Murphys, Brownsburg
Murphys South East, Indianapolis
Murray Meadows, Avon
Mustin Manor, Anderson
Mustin Scatterfield, Anderson
Mutton Creek Estates, Seymour
Myers, Indianapolis
Myers, Muncie
Myers & Britts, Ladoga
Myers N Illinois St, Indianapolis
Myers University Place, Indianapolis
Myrenia Inman, Ingalls
Mystic Bay, Indianapolis
Mystic Lake, Trafalgar

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