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List of Indianapolis Indiana Subdivisions


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S A Fletcher Jr North East, Indianapolis
S K Fletchers S Brookside Addition, Indianapolis
Sablosky Sub Haywood Blvd, Indianapolis
Saddle Brook, Indianapolis
Saddle Ridge, Indianapolis
Saddlebrook, Indianapolis
Saddlebrook South, Indianapolis
Sail Place, Indianapolis
Saint Clairs, Indianapolis
Salem Creek, Indianapolis
Salem Creek Estates, Indianapolis
Salem Pointe, Indianapolis
Samuel Clarks, Indianapolis
Samuel K Barlows, Indianapolis
San Rose Estates, Indianapolis
Sandalwood Park, Indianapolis
Sandpiper, Indianapolis
Sandpiper Bay, Indianapolis
Sandy Point, Indianapolis
Sangster Harrison, Indianapolis
Sargent Creek, Indianapolis
Sargent Hills, Indianapolis
Sargent Manor, Indianapolis
Sargent Woods, Indianapolis
Sargents, Indianapolis
Sauers S Meridian Street Add, Indianapolis
Scarborough, Indianapolis
Scarborough Village, Indianapolis
Schads Broad Ripple, Indianapolis
Schauers M Sub North Brookside Park Add, Indianapolis
Scheeles East Michigan, Indianapolis
Schillings, Indianapolis
Schmidt & Connells, Indianapolis
Schofield Harrison, Indianapolis
Schuberts Orchard, Indianapolis
Scotts Sub, Indianapolis
Scotts Sub Hubbard Etal, Indianapolis
Seatons, Indianapolis
Seerley Creek, Indianapolis
Seibert & Cruse, Indianapolis
Seiberts Pleasant, Indianapolis
Seiberts Pleasant Run Add, Indianapolis
Seidensticker, Indianapolis
Seidensticker & Naltners, Indianapolis
Seidensticker & Naltners Add, Indianapolis
Seidensticker Birkenmeyer, Indianapolis
Seneca Point At Southern Dunes, Indianapolis
Settle's Addition, Indianapolis
Seven Oaks At Geist, Indianapolis
Shadeland, Indianapolis
Shadeland Manor, Indianapolis
Shadeland Park, Indianapolis
Shadeland Station, Indianapolis
Shadeland Village, Indianapolis
Shadow Pointe, Indianapolis
Shadow Ridge, Indianapolis
Shadow Wood, Indianapolis
Shady Hills, Indianapolis
Shady Knoll, Indianapolis
Shannon Lakes, Indianapolis
Shannon Park, Indianapolis
Sharpes Woodside, Indianapolis
Shawnee At Southern Dunes, Indianapolis
Shawnee Ridge, Indianapolis
Shearers Pleasant Run Plaza, Indianapolis
Sheffield Woods, Indianapolis
Shelby, Indianapolis
Shelby Gardens, Indianapolis
Shelton Condominiums, Indianapolis
Shelton Heights, Indianapolis
Sheltons Sub, Indianapolis
Shenandoah Valley, Indianapolis
Sheridan Heights, Indianapolis
Sherlocks, Indianapolis
Sherman Commons, Indianapolis
Sherman Drive Park, Indianapolis
Sherman Oaks, Indianapolis
Sherman Park, Indianapolis
Sherwood, Indianapolis
Sherwood Forest, Indianapolis
Sherwood Village, Indianapolis
Shiloh Creek, Indianapolis
Shinglers Sub J A & M Bruces Add, Indianapolis
Shirleys Lake Park, Indianapolis
Shoemaker, Indianapolis
Shoemaker & Lippencotts, Indianapolis
Shoemakers, Indianapolis
Shoemakers Southeast, Indianapolis
Shorewalk, Indianapolis
Siebert & Cruse, Indianapolis
Silas H Johnson, Indianapolis
Silver Hills Estates, Indianapolis
Silverleaf, Indianapolis
Simion Estates, Indianapolis
Simon & Davis, Indianapolis
Six Over Meridian, Indianapolis
Sixteen On College, Indianapolis
Sixteen On College Condominiums, Indianapolis
Skillmans E 10th, Indianapolis
Smith, Indianapolis
Smith & Arnolds Wash Park, Indianapolis
Smithfield, Indianapolis
Smiths, Indianapolis
Smiths Sub Moores South, Indianapolis
Somerset, Indianapolis
Somerset Hills, Indianapolis
Son-a-rose, Indianapolis
Sonesta, Indianapolis
Sonoma, Indianapolis
Sorins, Indianapolis
Sortwell & Stockwell, Indianapolis
South, Indianapolis
South Downs, Indianapolis
South Eastwood, Indianapolis
South Haven Manor, Indianapolis
South Indianapolis, Indianapolis
South Lakeshore Homes, Indianapolis
South Park, Indianapolis
Southcreek, Indianapolis
Southdale, Indianapolis
Southdowns, Indianapolis
Southern Dunes, Indianapolis
Southern Heights, Indianapolis
Southern Lakes, Indianapolis
Southern Lakes Estate, Indianapolis
Southern Lumber, Indianapolis
Southern Oaks, Indianapolis
Southern Ridge, Indianapolis
Southern Springs, Indianapolis
Southern Trails, Indianapolis
Southern View, Indianapolis
Southgate Farms, Indianapolis
Southpark, Indianapolis
Southport, Indianapolis
Southport Green, Indianapolis
Southport Trace, Indianapolis
Southridge Village, Indianapolis
Southwest Hills, Indianapolis
Southwinds Circle, Indianapolis
Southwinds Circle At Murphy's Landing, Indianapolis
Southwinds Court, Indianapolis
Southwinds Villas, Indianapolis
Spades Park, Indianapolis
Spann & Cos 1st Woodlawn Add, Indianapolis
Spann & Cos 2nd Woodlawn Add, Indianapolis
Spann & Cos Woodlawn, Indianapolis
Speedway Woods, Indianapolis
Speichers Highlands, Indianapolis
Speights, Indianapolis
Spinnaker Cove, Indianapolis
Spirit Lake, Indianapolis
Spring Creek, Indianapolis
Spring Dale Hills, Indianapolis
Spring Hill Place, Indianapolis
Spring Hollow, Indianapolis
Spring Lake, Indianapolis
Spring Lane Add, Indianapolis
Spring Meadow, Indianapolis
Spring Meadows, Indianapolis
Spring Mill Estates, Indianapolis
Spring Mill Heights, Indianapolis
Spring Mill Hills, Indianapolis
Spring Mill Ridge, Indianapolis
Spring Mill Woods, Indianapolis
Spring Oaks, Indianapolis
Spring Run At Winding Ridge, Indianapolis
Spring Street Condominiums, Indianapolis
Spring Valley, Indianapolis
Springbrook, Indianapolis
Springdale, Indianapolis
Springers Pleasant Run, Indianapolis
Springmill Lakes At Tamarack, Indianapolis
Springs Of Hamptons, Indianapolis
St Clair Place, Indianapolis
St Claire Place, Indianapolis
St Joseph Place, Indianapolis
St Judes, Indianapolis
St Marys Commons, Indianapolis
Stable Chase, Indianapolis
Stable Chase Estates, Indianapolis
Stace Sub, Indianapolis
Staces Grant Ave, Indianapolis
Standard Land, Indianapolis
State Plaza, Indianapolis
State Square, Indianapolis
Stearns Sub, Indianapolis
Steckley's, Indianapolis
Steeplechase, Indianapolis
Steeplechase West, Indianapolis
Steinmeier, Indianapolis
Steinmeier Farms, Indianapolis
Steinmeier Village, Indianapolis
Steinmeiers Marion Highland, Indianapolis
Stewart, Indianapolis
Stewarts, Indianapolis
Stewarts Keystone, Indianapolis
Stilz, Indianapolis
Stilz & Miller, Indianapolis
Stilz Wright St Add, Indianapolis
Stoltes, Indianapolis
Stone Bridge, Indianapolis
Stone Pointe, Indianapolis
Stonebriar, Indianapolis
Stonegate, Indianapolis
Stonegate Estates, Indianapolis
Stonehouse Sub, Indianapolis
Stonemill, Indianapolis
Stouts Haughville, Indianapolis
Stouts Kessler Crest, Indianapolis
Stouts Meridian Hills, Indianapolis
Stouts New York St, Indianapolis
Stratford, Indianapolis
Stratford Glen, Indianapolis
Strathmore, Indianapolis
Strong & Cos Sub Johnson, Indianapolis
Stubbins Massachusetts Av, Indianapolis
Stubbs College, Indianapolis
Stucks Home Place, Indianapolis
Stumphs Sub Vawters Add, Indianapolis
Sturm & Kollers, Indianapolis
Subdivision Not Available See Legal, Indianapolis
Success Add, Indianapolis
Sulgrove, Indianapolis
Sullivans, Indianapolis
Summer Ridge, Indianapolis
Summer Walk, Indianapolis
Summerfield, Indianapolis
Summerfield Place, Indianapolis
Summerfield South, Indianapolis
Summerhill, Indianapolis
Summerwood, Indianapolis
Sun Lakes At Bayside, Indianapolis
Suncrest, Indianapolis
Sungate, Indianapolis
Sunningdale Commons, Indianapolis
Sunny Breeze, Indianapolis
Sunny Sylvan Estates, Indianapolis
Sunnymeade, Indianapolis
Sunnyview, Indianapolis
Sunset, Indianapolis
Sunset At Eagle Creek, Indianapolis
Sunset Cove, Indianapolis
Sunset Heights, Indianapolis
Sunset Lake, Indianapolis
Sunset Park, Indianapolis
Sunshine Gardens, Indianapolis
Superior Gardens, Indianapolis
Surrey Park, Indianapolis
Sutherland Place Townhomes, Indianapolis
Swails, Indianapolis
Swains Add, Indianapolis
Swathmoor Hills, Indianapolis
Sweetwater Estates, Indianapolis
Swifts Union St Add, Indianapolis
Sycamore, Indianapolis
Sycamore Run, Indianapolis
Sycamore Springs, Indianapolis
Sycamore Woods, Indianapolis
Sylvan Estates, Indianapolis
Sylvan Meadows, Indianapolis
Sylvan Ridge, Indianapolis
Sylvania, Indianapolis

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