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List of Indianapolis Indiana Subdivisions


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W A Bells Sub Johnson, Indianapolis
W G Justus, Indianapolis
W O Terry, Indianapolis
Wabmitz, Indianapolis
Wabnitz Resub, Indianapolis
Wacema Place, Indianapolis
Wacema Place Washington Park Add, Indianapolis
Wacker's Haughville, Indianapolis
Waddys Sub, Indianapolis
Wagner, Indianapolis
Wagner Add, Indianapolis
Wal-mack Hts, Indianapolis
Waldemere, Indianapolis
Walden Glen, Indianapolis
Walden Pond, Indianapolis
Walkerhurst, Indianapolis
Walkers, Indianapolis
Walkers Clifford, Indianapolis
Walkers E Ohio St, Indianapolis
Walkers Sunnyside, Indianapolis
Wallace, Indianapolis
Wallace Crossing, Indianapolis
Waller, Indianapolis
Walnut Farms, Indianapolis
Walnut Hills, Indianapolis
Walsh, Indianapolis
Walsh Estates, Indianapolis
Walter G Justus, Indianapolis
Wanamaker Estates, Indianapolis
Wanamaker Village, Indianapolis
Warfleigh, Indianapolis
Warman Hrs Sheffield, Indianapolis
Warren, Indianapolis
Warren Lakes, Indianapolis
Warren Park, Indianapolis
Warren Pines, Indianapolis
Warren Plaza, Indianapolis
Warren Terrace, Indianapolis
Warren Woods, Indianapolis
Warrington, Indianapolis
Washington, Indianapolis
Washington At 75th, Indianapolis
Washington Bank & Trust, Indianapolis
Washington Blvd Heights, Indianapolis
Washington Blvd Meadows, Indianapolis
Washington Blvd Realty Company, Indianapolis
Washington Blvd Terrace, Indianapolis
Washington Cos Resub, Indianapolis
Washington Heights, Indianapolis
Washington Meadows, Indianapolis
Washington Park, Indianapolis
Washington Square, Indianapolis
Washington Trail, Indianapolis
Waterbury Condominiums, Indianapolis
Watermans Amend Arlington, Indianapolis
Watermark, Indianapolis
Waters Edge, Indianapolis
Waters Edge At Cummins Farm, Indianapolis
Watersedge, Indianapolis
Waterwood At Eagle Creek, Indianapolis
Watson, Indianapolis
Watson Farms, Indianapolis
Watson Park, Indianapolis
Watsons Addition, Indianapolis
Waverly Commons, Indianapolis
Wayne Common, Indianapolis
Wayne Park, Indianapolis
Wayneaire, Indianapolis
Waynecroft, Indianapolis
Webb Trails Brookside Park, Indianapolis
Webbs, Indianapolis
Webbs Sub Daniel Yandes Sub Carson Farm, Indianapolis
Webbs Sub Yandes, Indianapolis
Wedgewood, Indianapolis
Weghorst Madison Ave, Indianapolis
Weghorst Pleasant Home, Indianapolis
Wellington, Indianapolis
Wellington Commons, Indianapolis
Wellington Estates, Indianapolis
Wellington Green, Indianapolis
Wellington Park, Indianapolis
West Arlington Add, Indianapolis
West Crows Nest, Indianapolis
West Gimber Court, Indianapolis
West Haven, Indianapolis
West Indianapolis Warren Ave Add, Indianapolis
West Kessler Homes, Indianapolis
West Park, Indianapolis
West Wayne Woods, Indianapolis
West Wood, Indianapolis
Westborough At Winding Ridge, Indianapolis
Westbourne, Indianapolis
Westbrooke, Indianapolis
Westchester Estates, Indianapolis
Westcreek, Indianapolis
Westerfield Garden Acres, Indianapolis
Westerleigh, Indianapolis
Westerleigh Park, Indianapolis
Westfield Heights, Indianapolis
Westhaven Commons, Indianapolis
Westlane Terrace, Indianapolis
Westmore Heights, Indianapolis
Westover, Indianapolis
Westridge, Indianapolis
Westridge Place, Indianapolis
Westridge Village, Indianapolis
Westwood, Indianapolis
Westwood Park, Indianapolis
Wetherburn, Indianapolis
Whalen Heights, Indianapolis
Whalens Fairhope, Indianapolis
Wheatley & Mc Clains, Indianapolis
Wheelers Illinois Heights, Indianapolis
Whispering Falls, Indianapolis
Whispering Pines, Indianapolis
Whitaker Farms, Indianapolis
Whitaker Valley, Indianapolis
Whitcomb Place, Indianapolis
White Oak Farms, Indianapolis
White Oak Woods, Indianapolis
Whitehall Commons, Indianapolis
Wichita Hill, Indianapolis
Wichita Hill At Southern Dunes, Indianapolis
Wides 30th & Kessler, Indianapolis
Wides 9th Add, Indianapolis
Wides East Kessler, Indianapolis
Wiegand & Browns Kessler, Indianapolis
Wiese Sub, Indianapolis
Wild Ridge Addition, Indianapolis
Wildcat Run, Indianapolis
Wilder's, Indianapolis
Wildwood, Indianapolis
Wildwood Hills, Indianapolis
Wileys South, Indianapolis
Willard Place, Indianapolis
William Gardner's, Indianapolis
William H Morrison & Talbots Add, Indianapolis
William J Speer's, Indianapolis
William L Elders Eastern Heights Addition, Indianapolis
William L Elders Edgewood, Indianapolis
Williams Creek Add, Indianapolis
Williams Creek Estates Meridian Hills, Indianapolis
Williams Creek Heights, Indianapolis
Williams Creek Manor, Indianapolis
Williamsburg, Indianapolis
Williamsburg Villages, Indianapolis
Williamshire, Indianapolis
Williston Green, Indianapolis
Willoughby Colonial, Indianapolis
Willow Lakes, Indianapolis
Willow Oaks, Indianapolis
Willow Pond, Indianapolis
Willow View Add, Indianapolis
Willowood, Indianapolis
Wilmington Park, Indianapolis
Wilshire Glen West, Indianapolis
Wilson, Indianapolis
Wilson Pinecrest, Indianapolis
Wilson S E 10th St Park, Indianapolis
Wilsons, Indianapolis
Wilsons East 10th St Park Add, Indianapolis
Winchester Village, Indianapolis
Windcombe, Indianapolis
Windermere Heights, Indianapolis
Windham Lake, Indianapolis
Windhorst Place, Indianapolis
Windridge, Indianapolis
Windslow Crossing, Indianapolis
Windsong, Indianapolis
Windsor, Indianapolis
Windsor Place, Indianapolis
Windsor Village, Indianapolis
Winmar Place, Indianapolis
Winona Park, Indianapolis
Winona Place, Indianapolis
Winston Island Woods, Indianapolis
Winthrop Court, Indianapolis
Witz & Spannuths, Indianapolis
Wm S Hubbards Sub Hubbard, Indianapolis
Wm Y Wileys, Indianapolis
Wodtkes Brill Road, Indianapolis
Woerners Riverside Park, Indianapolis
Wolf Run, Indianapolis
Wolfington Kessler Blvd, Indianapolis
Wood Creek, Indianapolis
Wood-lyn, Indianapolis
Woodacre, Indianapolis
Woodbrook, Indianapolis
Woodcroft, Indianapolis
Woodford, Indianapolis
Woodfox Estate, Indianapolis
Woodland Estates, Indianapolis
Woodland Heights, Indianapolis
Woodland Place, Indianapolis
Woodland Trace, Indianapolis
Woodland Trails, Indianapolis
Woodlawn, Indianapolis
Woodlawn Gardens, Indianapolis
Woodmont, Indianapolis
Woodpointe, Indianapolis
Woodridge Longacre, Indianapolis
Woodruff Place, Indianapolis
Woodruff Sub Morris Add, Indianapolis
Woods At Beech Grove, Indianapolis
Woods At Indian Lake, Indianapolis
Woods At Liberty Park, Indianapolis
Woods At Traders Point, Indianapolis
Woods Edge, Indianapolis
Woods N Meadows, Indianapolis
Woods Of North Kessler, Indianapolis
Woods Sub Cress, Indianapolis
Woodside, Indianapolis
Woodsong, Indianapolis
Woodward Survey, Indianapolis
Woolings Gold Coast, Indianapolis
Worthington At West 86th, Indianapolis
Wright-boulders, Indianapolis
Wrights, Indianapolis
Wrights Morris St, Indianapolis
Wuelfing Etal Corr Sub, Indianapolis
Wurster & Myers, Indianapolis
Wynbrooke, Indianapolis
Wyndemere Court, Indianapolis
Wynfield, Indianapolis
Wynnedale, Indianapolis
Wynterway Estates, Indianapolis

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