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 Avon Media – The local newspaper, magazines, television and radio stations in Avon, Indiana all come from the town’s next door behemoth, Indianapolis, where there is plenty for everybody.

  Beech Grove Media – Media in Beech Grove is well-covered by the nearby television and radio stations, and the Indianapolis magazines and newspapers, such as the IndyStar, Indianapolis Monthly and Indianapolis Business Journal, frequently make mention of newsworthy events in Beech Grove.
  Brownsburg Media – Unlike many other small towns that orbit Indianapolis, Brownsburg has its fair share of ways to get information. This progressive community has an AM radio station, an FM radio station, and two newspapers; quite the variety for such a small burg.
  Carmel Media – A town as interesting as Carmel deserves some of its own media, and Carmel media does have a few of its own offerings, including the Carmel Star (a division of the Indianapolis Star), and WHJE, a radio station run from Carmel High School.
  Danville Media – This family oriented burg does have a few media outlets of its own, including the Danville Republican and WEDJ 107.1 FM, and these outlets retain Danville’s quaint atmosphere and quiet ideals.
  Fishers Media – Fishers, Indiana  is home to many graphics, website and print media management companies, as well as marketing and advertising agencies. One radio station is located in Fishers, WRWM 93.9 FM, an easy listening station that switched to jazz in 1996.
  Greenfield Media – Though the world of Indianapolis media is at Greenfield’s fingertips, Greenfield media also has a few outlets of its own. Greenfield features a student-run radio station and two newspapers that serve all of Hancock County.
  Greenwood Media – One would assume that Greenwood, a nearby suburb of Indy, would rely heavily on the big city for such luxuries as radio and television. But burgeoning Greenwood seems to have a mind and purpose of its own.
  Indianapolis Media– Indianapolis media covers the whole spectrum of information, from arts and culture news (NUVO) to hard facts and investigative journalism (the Indianapolis Star). Throw in a wealth of television stations, radio stations that cover all genres of Indianapolis music, and an army of bloggers, and residents of Indianapolis start to look pretty informed.

  Lawrence Media – Lawrence news is generally overshadowed by what’s going on in the greater Indianapolis area; what local news there is can be found in the Indianapolis Star or in any other Indianapolis newspaper. Even Lawrence sports news  can be found at Indianapolis news outlets.
  Noblesville Media – There are a few Noblesville media outlets that do residents of the town proud: WJJK 104.5 FM is an oldies station based out of Noblesville, and the Times of Noblesville and the Noblesville Star provide print news for the community.
  Plainfield Media – Though media enthusiasts in Plainfield can count on subscriptions to the Indianapolis Star, tune into WZPL 99.5, or change the channel to Channel 6 WRTV, Plainfield media has a couple of outlets of its own, including the Hendricks County Flyer and WRDZ 98.3 FM.
  Shelbyville Media – Shelbyville does have one newspaper that deals exclusively with issues in Shelbyville and the surrounding area: The Shelbyville News. This newspaper, a part of the Paxton Media Group, has been operating in Shelbyville in various forms since 1875, when it was called The Daily Republican.
  Speedway Media – Though Speedway is only a small suburb, practically surrounded by its host city of Indianapolis, it manages to maintain a local newspaper all its own, the Speedway Town Press, with a respectable circulation hovering right around 6,000, along with a television station, the Daystar Television Network.
  Zionsville Media – The residents of Zionsville get state and national news from larger media outlets located in downtown Indianapolis, but the powerful reporting of Zionsville specific media companies has earned them a strong following in the Zionsville community.

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